Tiny, unique
& meticulously


Limited Edition Distilled Spirits

Welcome to Faiers Distillery, a micro-distillery on the Suffolk-Essex border in East Anglia.
Making tiny batch, limited edition spirits, meticulously created by Rory Faiers.

The Traditional Collection

This collection will consist of spirits with a classic flavour profile. For example, if it says “Gin” – you can be sure there is plenty of juniper. This collection is to celebrate the conventional, reminding us why we love that particular spirit or taste.

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The Nostalgic Collection

I am a firm believer that taste and aroma can really evoke emotion – taking you right back to your childhood, or transporting you to your favourite holiday. In this collection, I’ll share my favourite flavours through the spirits, and of course the story behind it.

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The Experimental Collection

Now this is where it gets interesting. After years of exploring flavour – I’ve decided to push the boundaries of taste, pairing some conventional botanicals with some unusual ones, to create a whole new experience.

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