About Faiers Distillery


I have always had a thing for flavour. The sensation of tasting one thing and being reminded of something else. I fell into the crazy world of Gin in 2015, after enjoying it since turning legal drinking age, I took things to the next level and became “The Gin Lord” – running tasting events across East Anglia, getting stuck in with the booze industry – interviewing, visiting, reviewing and of course tasting countless Gins.

I initially wanted to join the masses and simply make a Gin. Whilst trying to create it, I quickly realised one thing. It wasn’t just about making another Gin, I wanted it to be an experience, a journey. Whether it was back in time, or making someone taste something they have never tasted before – and loving it, and it was ok for it NOT to be a Gin.

Here, you will know EXACTLY what is in each bottle, and I want to place you in the distillery as each batch is being created, from what music was playing to weather or the days headlines in the news – I believe all of this plays a part in each distillation.
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